Do you have a question about the Promilless products? On this page we have collected answers to frequently asked questions from us. For example, you will learn more about printed intelligence and the differences between Promilless products and other alcohol testers on the market.

  • Why is Promilless needed?

    We have endeavored to create an easy, reliable and affordable way for consumers to thes their blood alcohol content. Self-diagnostics is a growing trend in the world. Our mission is to share the good and help people make decisions that are beneficial to themselves and their fellow citizens.

  • Where are the products manufactured?

    The products have been developed in Finland and are manufactured in Oulu.

  • Do the products have a best before date?

    The best before date, which depends on the batch, is printed on the product package. A shelf life for tests containing biochemicals is typically one year.

  • How quickly can I see the results on the strip?

    The test has two steps: Within two minutes, the first control indicator on the strip verifies the functionality of the test strip, the second test indicator tells whether the blood alcohol level is above or below the limit value. In the Promilless Zero product, the test indicator tells whether the blood alcohol level is zero promiles or above it.

  • How reliable are the products? Are they 100% reliable (when used correctly)?

    When used correctly, the test is very reliable. The product has a “self-testing” functionality developed and patented by the company to increase reliability, which ensures that the test strip is functional in connection with each test event and thus the test result is trustworthy. In this way the error results resulting from, for example, incorrect storage or the use of an expired test can be prevented.

  • Why are some test results darker than others?

    The Promilless test is very accurate. The test measures everyone’s body individually, which means things like weight, age and gender have an impact on the test result. Due to the individuality of the biochemical reaction being measured, some results may be darker green than others. It is also important that there is enough saliva in the mouth when taking the test to get an accurate result. Do not interpret the test result after two minutes have passed.

  • How is the reliability of the products tested and by whom?

    Clinical reference tests designed for the functionality of the product have been performed together with Medfiles Oy. In this test program, subjects were utilized in an external independent laboratory and their blood alcohol content was measured. The results of the test were compared with both blood tests and those of breathalyzers used by the authorities.

  • Do the products have an age limit?

    There is no age limit for the products, but those under the age of 18 are not legally allowed to possess and use alcohol products.

  • What is printed intelligence? The technology behind the product?

    Printed intelligence can be used to produce smart paper with biosensors, electronic sensors, other electronic components or even complete electronic devices. Smart paper enables the development of completely new types of products and services. Self-testing products are just one practical application for these technologies. The technology developed in cooperation with VTT has undergone a long and demanding research process.

  • What's the difference between Promilless and other test strips?

    There are other test strips on the market based on saliva analysis, but the Promilless-test is the first to be designed for consumer use from the outset. In addition, our product has a unique self-testing functionality that ensures the functionality and reliability of the test.

  • Do the Promiless tests have a CE mark?

    We have registered Promilless alcohol tests as class I medical devices and have the right to carry the CE Mark.

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