Why is a product like this necessary?

We have wanted to create an easy, reliable and affordable way for responsible consumers to test their blood alcohol levels. Self-testing is a growing trend in the world. Our mission is to share the good and help people make decisions that benefit not only themselves but also their loved ones.

Where the products are manufactured?

The products have been developed in Finland and are manufactured in Oulu.

What is printed intelligence? The technology behind the product?

Printed intelligence can be used to produce smart paper with biosensors, electronic sensors, other electronic components or even complete electronic devices. Smart paper enables the development of completely new types of products and services. Self-testing products are just one practical application for these technologies. The technology developed in cooperation with VTT has undergone a long and demanding research process.

How is biochemistry connected to the products?

Detection of alcohol in saliva and other analytes is based on widely known and used biochemical reactions. The developed biochemical inks are printed and dispensed on a base, where they react with saliva and form a color reaction that provides the user with clear and unambiguous information about the test result.

But there are other saliva tests on the market that measure promiles, e.g. in the US?

There are other test strips on the market based on saliva analysis, but the Promilless-test is the first to be designed for consumer use from the outset. In addition, our product has a unique self-testing functionality that ensures the functionality and reliability of the test.

Do the products have a best before date?

The best before date, which depends on the batch, is printed on the product package. A shelf life for tests containing biochemicals is typically one year.

How quickly can I see the results on the strip?

The test has two steps: Within two minutes, the first control indicator on the strip verifies the functionality of the test strip, the second test indicator tells whether the blood alcohol level is above or below the limit value. In the Promilless Zero product, the test indicator tells whether the blood alcohol level is zero promiles or above it.

Can alcohol be in the process of absorbing into the blood even if the result shows “okay to drive”?

Yes, the test shows the blood alcohol level just at the time of measurement. The test does not tell if the alcohol content is rising or falling. Studies show that the ingested alcohol is absorbed into the blood in stages, so that after an hour at the latest all the alcohol is absorbed.

Can other drugs or substances confound the test?

Certain food additives and medicinal ingredients may affect the sensitivity of the test in significant concentrations. Therefore, the instructions emphasize that you should not eat or drink anything for at least 15 minutes before performing the test.

How reliable are the products? Are they 100% reliable (when used correctly)?

When used correctly, the test is very reliable. The product has a “self-testing” functionality developed and patented by the company to increase reliability, which ensures that the test strip is functional in connection with each test event and thus the test result is trustworthy. In this way the error results resulting from, for example, incorrect storage or the use of an expired test can be prevented.

How is the reliability of the products tested and by whom?

Clinical reference tests designed for the functionality of the product have been performed together with Medfiles Oy. In this test program, subjects were utilized in an external independent laboratory and their blood alcohol content was measured. The results of the test were compared with both blood tests and those of breathalyzers used by the authorities.

In what situations or uses is the product / result unreliable?

If the product is used contrary to the instructions for use, for example, the user consumes alcohol less than 15 minutes before the test. The product is out of date or has been stored incorrectly; this can cause the biochemical constituents to cease to be active. Even in these cases, the product's self-test functionality indicates that the test is unusable. The user can repeat the test with a new product.

How can the user make sure that the product works and the result is reliable?

The test has a separate indicator to verify the functionality of a single test strip.

However, if the user receives an incorrect measurement result and acts on it, who is responsible for the consequences?

The user is ultimately responsible for the interpretation of the test result and the consequences of the decisions made based on it. We encourage the user to refrain from using a car, other vehicles or work equipment if he / she feels the slightest abnormality.

Why has the display limit been set exactly to 0,2 and 0,5 promiles?

We have researched consumer preferences and needs for the test display threshold. The limit values ​​of 0.2 and 0.5 per mille meet the needs of these consumers. Measurements help consumers make responsible choices.

Why is the display limit for the Zero-test exactly 0,0 promilles?

Based on our consumer research, there is a significant group of people who want to have no alcohol in their blood at all before driving. Even the small amounts must be known. There are also situations, where absolute zero tolerance is required. Promilless Zero meets these needs.

Does this encourage to optimize the use of alcohol in conjunction with driving?

Our product is designed for those people, who wish to find out their blood alcohol level before hopping behind the wheel. We do not encourage people to drive while under the influence of alcohol, rather we wish to offer tools that allow the consumers to check their driving condition.

Who is responsible if you’re caught drunk driving, even though the Promilles-test showed it’s okay to drive?

The user is always responsible for his/her own behaviour. We encourage the consumer to avoid driving a car or using heavy-duty vehicles if he/she feels abnormal, regardless what the test says.

Are the products encouraging people to drive while under the influence?

On the contrary, we encourage people to check their driving condition before jumping behind the wheel.

Wouldn’t it be better not to drink anything, if the plan is to drive?

According to our company values, we encourage people to use alcohol responsibly overall. With our products, the user can ensure that the amount of alcohol in his or her blood does not exceed the drunk driving limit or 0.2 per mille or that there is no alcohol in his or her blood at all.

Alcohol is a major problem in society. Why do you want to encourage Finns to drink more?

We do not encourage people to drink, we provide the tools and the opportunity to act responsibly.

Do the products have an age limit?

There is no age limit for the products, but those under the age of 18 are not legally allowed to possess and use alcohol products.

Why do the products not have the CE marking?

There is no directive in the EU governing non-medical diagnostic products. Thus, the use of the CE marking is not possible. The products meet the requirements of consumer protection legislation regarding the safe use of products sold to consumers.