Do you already have a Promilless strip with you?

Our product range includes three different saliva test strips, which measure blood alcohol content – there are three alcohol limit variants available: Zero, 0.2 and 0.5.

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Responsibility is a matter of choice

Do you drink and drive after downing a few cold ones at a football game? After drinking a glass of wine at an office party? Promilless products help you to make responsible choices regardless of the time of day – better information, better judgement.

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The many benefits of Promilless

For improved decision making

Did you have a long night out? Worried about your driving condition? A Promilless strip helps you keep your license.

Better for society

Alcohol often plays a role in traffic accidents. A saliva strip lets you know whether you should get behind the wheel or not.



Safer homes and workplaces

Look after the safety of your loved ones and employees with an easy, fast and reliable test for identifying alcohol consumption.

When’s the time for Promilless?

A reliable alcohol test is more valuable than you can imagine. From work events to sauna nights, there’s a need for Promilless products in many different circumstances.

For safer choices

Keep in mind your safety, as well as the safety of others. Stock up on Promilless products so that you’re always prepared. The saliva test strip is easy and quick to use.

Make the right decision

Choose to be responsible well in advance. Those who utilize Promilless products demonstrate their trustworthiness.

Buy a Promilless product

You can find Promilless products, for example, in Alko and Motonet stores and well-stocked grocery stores across Finland.

Information brings security

When you always have a quick access to dependable information, you can focus on enjoying your life.

Make sure you can drive

A Promilless strip is more reliable than a breathalyzer test. It lets you know whether you’re fit to operate your vehicle of choice.

Promilless vs. other alcohol tests

How are Promilles products different from other alcohol tests on the market? What is printed intelligence? You will find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions in our comprehensive FAQ section.

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How to use a Promilless saliva strip

How does a Promilless saliva strip actually work? Instructions can be found here in video form. All our products work on the same general principle, but these videos tell you more about the product-specific interpretability.