The disposable alcohol test puts a stop to guessing your driving condition


Goodwiller Oy’s new innovation has now been brought to light. The alcohol test is available at the online store and during the autumn, sales will also expand to grocery stores.

The disposable Promilless test designed by the start-up business Goodwiller Oy, from Oulu, provides a new and reliable method for clarifying the blood alcohol content. The innovation, which is based on smart paper technology, quickly and easily determines from the saliva, whether the person is in a good driving condition. The test is intended for responsible consumers, who wish to utilise the latest self-diagnostic technology.

At a world scale, the unique innovation has been developed in Finland in cooperation with VTT. The company carries of the production of biochemical inks for printing on smart paper and the printing work in Oulu. “The disposable alcohol test is an easy and affordable way to determine your driving condition. The test is available in our online store, and during the early autumn, it will also be available in grocery stores.

The test strip indicates to the user, whether his or her blood alcohol content is above or below 0.2 promilles. In order to ensure its reliability, the product has undergone a long research process. In a test programme carried out by an independent research laboratory, the results provided by the alcohol test have been compared to the results of blood samples taken in laboratories.

Goodwiller Oy, who has developed the test, is a company from Oulu, which specialises in health and well-being self-diagnostic products manufactured with printed intelligence technology. The company was founded in 2013 and now employs five people in Oulu. As the sales and production expands, more labour is intended to be recruited.

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