Can a cheap alcohol test be reliable?


In short, yes it can. This of course depends on the implementation of the product and, how well the behaviour of alcohol in the human body has been taken in to account in the design of the product.
The guiding principle of the Promilless test has been the reliability of the test result and an affordable price for the consumer.

The main points that ensure reliability:

1) The measurement of alcohol is carried out from saliva. The ethanol content of saliva corresponds very closely to that of the blood, saliva can be considered as a mirror reflection of the blood. Saliva measurement has been expressly chosen due to the reliability of the test and its ease of use.

2) The Promilless test only measures one limit value. The result is either above or below 0.2 promilles. The product has been able to be very accurately adjusted to this range. A meter-type test is a lot more challenging to implement so that the result is accurate throughout the measurement range.

3) The superior reliability of the product is based on the fact that each Promilless test tests itself and indicates, whether the test result is reliable. This has been achieved through the darkening of the green control area, which indicates whether the result can be relied on. This prevents error results due to incorrect storage, expired tests or inappropriate use.

For the product to be truly affordable, it is most appropriate to be implemented as a disposable product without pointers or a digital display. This also removes the need for calibration, which is always necessary in meter-type solutions. The Promilless test has been subject to a clinical research programme in a genuine test environment, where the results of research subjects were compared to the results of blood samples and market-leading breathalysers. Visit our product information page to read and discover the results.

The Promilless alcohol test is the market’s first product, where the reliability of the result has been genuinely brought to the affordable price category. Try out the product at our online store and provide feedback;

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