Can a cheap alcohol test be reliable?


In short, yes it can. This of course depends on the implementation of the product and, how well the behaviour of alcohol in the human body has been taken in to account in the design of the product.
The guiding principle of the Promilless test has been the reliability of the test result and an affordable price for the consumer.
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We set off on a Promilless Rally tour in a fun and sympathetic manner during the summer. We start off in Oulu.



The barbeque season may consist of a variety of pleasures also in the form of beverages. We would like to point out that responsibility does not necessarily mean abstinence. With our alcohol test product … Read more

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Is your driving condition possible to be ensured reliably and quickly with a disposable test?


Yes, it is. The start-up business from Oulu, Goodwiller Oy, presents its newest innovation, the disposable Promilless alcohol test, on 7th June at the Prinse16 event focusing on printed intelligence technologies at Oulu University.

Promilless is a disposable alcohol test, which indicates the blood alcohol content from the saliva quickly and reliably. Goodwiller Oy has developed its innovation, which is based on smart paper technology, together with VTT. Promilless is an entirely new, … Read more

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The disposable alcohol test puts a stop to guessing your driving condition


Goodwiller Oy’s new innovation has now been brought to light. The alcohol test is available at the online store and during the autumn, sales will also expand to grocery stores.

The disposable Promilless test designed by the start-up business Goodwiller Oy, from Oulu, provides a new and reliable method for clarifying the blood alcohol content. The innovation, which is based on smart paper technology, quickly and easily determines from the saliva, whether the person is in a good driving condition. The test is intended for responsible consumers,  … Read more

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